Jury Retruned Verdict Ordering Walmart to Pay $18.9 Million in Wrongful Death & Personal Injury Case

In the newsWalmart recently was held partly responsible for its part in a fatal crash that resulted from a blown tire.  The case involved a Walmart employee putting a new tire on an eroded rim, causing a vehicle roll-over, which led to the death of a mother and her two children.   After leaving Walmart where a new tire was installed on an eroded rim, a group of eight traveled about eight hours before the rim failed and caused serious injuries.  Proper auto mechanic work requires tire installation on rims that are in good condition.  But the negligent employee failed to follow industry safety standards, employee training, and company procedures.   Additionally, there was no monitoring system in place that would have allowed a supervisor to monitor and correct employee mistakes.  The automobile accident occurred in November 2009, and a lawsuit was filed in state court on November 2011 for wrongful death and personal injury.  State law applied to the wrongful death and personal injury claims.  A jury returned a verdict for $18.9 million for plaintiffs. 

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