Be Careful Filling Out Workers’ Compensation Forms

In order to properly manage a workers’ compensation case, you need to be knowledgeable about the many forms used.  Be careful when filling out your forms.  Your workers’ compensation claim can be lost by missing a deadline for filing the form or filling out a form improperly.

Below is a list of a few important forms:

  • Form 60 is used by the employer to accept a claim
  • Form 63 is used by employers to accept a claim without prejudice to later deny the claim
  • Form 61 is used by the employer to deny the claim
  • Form 18M is used for an employee to claim additional medical compensation
  • Form 25T is used for employee mileage reimbursement
  • Form 25T is an itemized statement of charges for drugs
  • Form 23 is an application to reinstate payment of disability compensation
  • Form 33 is a used to request a hearing
  • Form 24 is an application to terminate or suspend payment of compensation
  • Form 28 is a return to work report
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