NC Automobile Accident Law Firm

Automobile accidents are frightening. In many instances, individuals are left with physical injuries, emotional trauma, mounting medical bills, living expenses, as well as property damage. Many individuals think that the insurance company has a duty to compensate victims what they are rightfully owed. Unfortunately, insurance companies focus on their own financial interests and try to find ways to avoid paying claims. Do not be a victim twice—first with the accident and second with the insurance company. Let us deal with the insurance company. Whether the insurance company attempts to mislead you or undervalue your injuries, Tien Law Firm will protect your rights.  Contact us today for a free consultation, with our Automobile Accident Attorney.

We will help to level the playing field against large insurance companies that try to take advantage of injured victims at their most vulnerable moments.  Times will get better and Tien Law Firm would like to help you get there.  For a free case evaluation, call us at (919) 348-7727.  We will not receive an attorney fee unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

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