Sonya Tien

Many injury victims become extremely depressed in the weeks, and sometimes months, following a serious injury.  You are in pain, you are angry, you are behind on your bills due to the unexpected injury, and you are deeply disturbed by your situation and future prospects.  Many times these overwhelming feelings of dismay can turn into apathy and feelings of hopelessness.  It is important to stay focused and remember that times will get better.

There are a few important things to keep in mind to help you through the rough period following an accident.  First, what’s done is done.  You cannot go back in time and undo the accident.  Therefore, since this is out of your control, there is no need to dwell on what happened.  It is time to start moving forward from this day on.  Indeed, you may have a long road to recovery.  You may have to recover from the surgery or loss of a limb, and those suffering brain injuries may have permanent limitations on their productivity.   Also, you may never be able to work as you did before—but it will be okay.

When you sit and think about the pain that you are in and the worst case scenarios, you can easily spiral into depression, overwhelming anxiety, and apathy.  Some of my clients tell me that they had almost given up before seeking legal help to hold the responsible parties accountable.  Do not dwell on the past, and do not lose sight of your goals because of the accident.

Second, remember that the unhappiness and frustration that you are experiencing is probably temporary.  The good news is that research has shown that injury victims are extremely resilient.  Even if the worst case scenario becomes a reality—that you have permanent injuries and that you will never be able to work as you did before—these setbacks will not cause you to suffer a lifetime of unhappiness. Many seriously injured individuals undergo a brief period of depression, and then rebound to feel just as happy as they did before the devastating accident.

Lastly, seek help from dedicated legal counsel that can guide you through the litigation process to make this difficult time easier for you.  Having a skilled and compassionate attorney on your side can greatly reduce the stress, frustration, and anxiety experienced after an accident.  Our NC personal injury lawyer is dedicated to helping injury victims and their families get through the hard times.  Just remember, when you are feeling down, the emotional state is probably temporary and times will get better.