Establishing a Claim After a Car Accident


While this list is not complete, there are several things an auto accident victim may do to maximize their claim after being injured in an auto accident by the negligence of another:

  Take photos of the damage to both vehicles, the roadway where the crash occurred, and any visual obstruction on the road.

  Identify all witnesses to the collision and obtain their names and contact information.

  Take photos of any cuts, bruises, or injuries caused by the accident.

  Seek medical attention immediately.  One argument insurance companies frequently use to devalue injury claims is that the claimant is not really hurt because they waited several days to seek medical attention.

  Call your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company to report the claim.  Be careful not to discuss your injuries even if asked to.  Any information that the insurance company needs about your medical treatment and injuries should be provided by your personal injury attorney to protect you from underhanded insurance practices.  It is very common for insurance companies to use statements made by the claimant against them to devalue their claim.  Leave it to your auto accident attorney to negotiate with the insurance company.

  Call Tien Law Firm, PLLC for help with seeking maximum compensation for your injuries.  In our experience, the insurance company will take a client’s claim more seriously and offer higher settlement amounts when the victim is represented by an auto accident attorney.

  Make every effort to attend follow-up appointments and comply with your doctor’s medical orders.  This will hopefully preclude the insurance company from arguing that you contributed to your injuries by skipping medical appointments or not following the doctor’s orders.

  Maintain a folder with all accident-related information.  Include your prescription receipts, medical bills, accident report, pay check stubs and proof of earnings for any lost wage claim, vehicle appraisal documents, all correspondences from the insurance company, and any other document relating to the accident.

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