Heavy Rain Causes Vehicle Accidents & Pile-Up of More than 40 Vehicles that Shuts Down I-40/I-85

August 19, 2019
Sonya Tien

Heavy rain is dangerous to drive in and increases the risk of a motor vehicle collision.

On August 17, 2019 just after 6:00 p.m., North Carolina State Highway Patrol was notified of a collision in the westbound lanes during heavy rainfall. Shortly after, a second crash occurred in the eastbound lanes, which closed the highway in both directions east of the Buckhorn Road exit in Orange County.

A similar event occurred on June 5, 2019, when an crash involving 30 vehicles was started by a single car hydroplaning and a chain-reaction of wrecks on I-40 southeast of Raleigh. Several people were transported to the hospital for injuries. The wreck happened in the westbound lanes of I-40 between Jones Sausage Road and the Business 70 exit near Garner.

What next, tips and considerations to keep in mind when negotiating with the insurance company

1) Insurance companies may seek to play games and try to deny responsibility and liability. With so many parties involved, insurance companies may try to deny liability and place the blame on someone else. If there are only 2 cars involved in a collision, it is a narrow universe of who could possibly be at fault, but here, where so many vehicles are involved, it may allow the insurance company to point the blame finger at multiple other parties in at attempt to escape liability.

2) Watch out for insurance companies asking for a recorded statement. We do not recommend making a statement before consulting a North Carolina injury lawyer. Too often, we see claimants reach out to us after their claim was denied based on something they said during the initial recorded statement. There are ways to minimize this risk, and we recommend speaking with a personal injury attorney prior to considering giving a recorded statement.

3) Watch out for limited insurance coverage, disputes between parties and insurance companies, and know how to maximize your recovery. With so many vehicle involved, claimants may find themselves fighting to recover limited insurance proceeds to be split among multiple claimants. If your case is one where multiple claimants are involved, it is important to make sure that your interests are adequately represented by a personal injury attorney.