Hydroplane Car Accidents

[h1]North Carolina Hydroplane Car Accident Lawyers[/h1]

Hydroplane car accidents involve tricky legal issues. Insurance companies often try to deny injury claims by arguing that another natural event, such as heavy rainfall or a sudden emergency, was the cause of the collision and not the driver that caused the collision.

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Hydroplaning can occur during wet road conditions during rain or when the pavement surface becomes slippery. Due to rain mixing with oil residue on the road, motorists may find their braking and gripping compromised, and as a result, their vehicle can spin or slide out of control. Hydroplane can cause serious injuries to drivers and passengers.

During periods of rain or dangerous conditions, drivers are required to adjust their conduct and are required to exercise due care in the operation of their vehicles. When encountering rain while driving, drivers are expected to reduce their speed, utilize their headlights and windshield wipers, and provide extra space in between their vehicle and others.
Reducing speed, maintain proper air pressure in your tires, and ensuring that your tires have sufficient treat can reduce the chances of hydroplaning. Holding another driver responsible for a hydroplaning accident will require proof of negligence. When a driver fails to reduce their speed and/or adjust their conduct to account for wet or dangerous road conditions and causes a collision, that driver may be responsible for the damage caused.

[h2]Recovery and Proof Required for Hydroplane Car Accidents [/h2]

To recover on a negligence claim, Plaintiff must demonstrate duty, breach, causation, and damages. All drivers owe a duty of care to other drivers on the roadway to avoid foreseeable harm, and speeding during a rainstorm or hydroplaning may be shown to breach that duty. Causation my be shown by showing there was no intervening or separate causes of that led to the accident. Damages may include property damage, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other types of losses.

In every personal injury claim in North Carolina, it is important to overcome one of the insurance companies favorite defenses of contributory negligence. It is common for both parties to allege that the other party was partly responsible. For example, a car that rear-ends another can try to blame their victim by arguing they were traveling too slowly that created a hazard that contributed to the collision. Additionally, when three or more vehicles are involved in a collision, it is common for the insurance companies involved to point the blame finger at any other driver to try to avoid liability. If the insurance company can come up with evidence that the victim was partially at fault, even slightly, the strict doctrine of contributory negligence may prevent the Plaintiff from recovering damages.

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Financial compensation may be available to those involved in hydroplane collisions caused by another driver’s error. Tien Law Firm has help those injured by the carelessness or reckless of other drivers to recover damages. To help protect your claim, contact our skilled car accident lawyers at (919) 348-7727 for a free consultation. We have helped clients in Raleigh, Durham, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Charlotte, Rocky Mount, Garner, Cary, Greenville, Fayetteville, and other communities throughout Wake County, Durham County, Mecklenburg County, and Cumberland County.