Catastrophic Injury Lawyer


We have seen how catastrophic injuries can drastically change one’s life and family’s life in only an instant, with significant ramifications on health, finances, and emotional well-being.

When a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or other type of injury causes permanent disabling injuries, the injured person and their family is left to deal with being out of work, extensive medical treatment, and ongoing medical bills.

Finding a catastrophic injury lawyer in NC can help these victims and their families get the compensation needed to provide care now and in the future.


Often cases involve minor injuries such as whiplash, sprains and strains, that a person typically recovers from and can continue on with a normal life. But we know from working with those who have suffered catastrophic injuries, that these can be life-threatening, disabling, disfiguring, and may require multiple surgeries.

The most common type of catastrophic injuries are severe head injury, also called traumatic brain injury, damage to lower extremities, and spinal cord injuries. Many times, these catastrophic injuries are fatal. In cases of fatal injury, the surviving family members of deceased may wish to speak with a catastrophic injury attorney in Raleigh about a wrongful death suit.

Other types of catastrophic injuries may include:

  • Severe burn injuries;
  • Loss of limb/amputation;
  • Broken bones & crush injuries;
  • Organ damage;
  • Nerve Injuries, such as RSD/CRPS; and
  • Loss of teeth, hearing, or vision.


After a serious accident, it is important to focus on your recovery, health, family, and finances. Hiring a serious NC injury attorney can help you focus on what matters most, while your attorney handles the insurance companies, claims process, legal process, and work toward seeking compensation for you.

An accident attorney can fight to hold those responsible who caused or contributed to the accident which left you or a loved one with catastrophic injuries.

We know from working with catastrophically injured clients that it is emotionally challenging and painful. Working with a NC catastrophic injury lawyer can help give you peace of mind that a team of professional is standing up for you!