Will My Vehicle Insurance Increase After an Auto Accident?

April 28, 2014
Sonya Tien

Clients frequently ask whether a car accident or motorcycle accident will cause their insurance rate to increase.  It all depends.  In North Carolina, auto insurance companies have a right to raise premiums after an accident occurs, but usually only if the driver was at fault or partially contributed to the accident.  Being found at fault or partially at-fault for a motor vehicle accident can cause a significant increase in your insurance for years to come.  Your insurance company may even drop you from coverage if you are found to have been partially at-fault for a collision.

What Can I Do to Protect My Insurance Rate After an Auto Accident?

Considering the possibility of a steep insurance increase that may result from being found at fault for an accident, one of the best things you can do to protect your insurance rate is to hire a NC auto accident attorney.  Insurance companies frequently try to label injury victims for being partially at fault for the accident in order to devalue or deny their claim.

Victories for Our Clients

Below we have listed a few victories against insurance companies that could easily have gone the other way:

  • A prominent insurance company accused our client of contributing to the accident for maintaining the speed limit “while going over a hill,” with the intention of denying the claim.  Tien Law Firm, PLLC was able to successfully dispute the insurance company’s accusation by proving that there was in fact no hill, that the accident occurred on a flat roadway.  Shortly after, the case reached a favorable settlement.
  • In two separate claims, Progressive and State Farm refused to accept liability because they argued that their insured had a green light at the intersection, when their insured ran a red light to cause the collision.  In both cases, we were able to produce videos showing that our insured had the green light at the intersection and that their driver was at fault.  We received favorable settlements for both cases.
  • GEICO denied a claim prior to us getting involved, on the basis that their driver had a green light at an intersection where the collision occurred.  We were able to get a video produced to GEICO, which showed that our insured had the green light at the intersection and got GEICO to reverse its denial.
  • Similarly, Nationwide initially denied our client’s claim for an intersection collision, arguing that their insured had a green light, when their insured actually ran the red light to cause the collision.  There was no video available.  We were able to find a witness who was at the scene of the crash and not listed on the crash report.  After producing the witness statement, Nationwide withdrew their denial and accepted liability.  Shortly after, we secured a favorable settlement.

Contact Us

If you are worried about your insurance potentially increasing after an accident, discuss your case with our North Carolina auto accident lawyer at (919) 348-7727.  At Tien Law Firm, we fight to protect our clients from being blamed for being at-fault when the facts indicate otherwise.  We are passionate about standing up to the insurance companies.  It is what we do best.

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